Wood Options for canoe paddles

Wood options for hand crafted canoe paddles are listed below. If you would like further information then feel free to contact us on tim@edenwoodpaddles.co.uk

Canoe paddles wood choices


cherry wood canoe paddle
Cherry is a great wood for paddles, it is light and strong and a beautiful rich colour. Edenwood paddles that are made from cherry have a hidden resin tip for extra protection. £170


wood maple canoe paddle
Maple is a very strong, hard wearing wood that is the perfect choice if you are looking for a tough paddle. Although it’s a heavier wood than cherry, it can be carved finer so that the finished paddle is usually only very slightly heavier. £170


wood walnut canoe paddle
Walnut is a very distinctive rich dark wood that makes stunning paddles. It is similar in weight to cherry, but not quite as strong.
It is an expensive wood and an option that is popular with collectors. £210