Paddle Size

What size canoe paddle do I need?

To work out the paddle length you want, the important measurement is the length of the paddle shaft. This wants to be around the distance from your chin to the water level when sat or kneeling in your normal paddling position.

How to work out your paddle length

This distance can be calculated by sitting on a firm chair and measuring from the seat to your eye level. This gives a good idea as to how long your paddle shaft should be but if you paddle mostly solo with the canoe in a leaned position you might want to deduct a few inches. Alternatively, if you already have a paddle that is a comfortable size, measure the length of the shaft from the top of the blade to the top of the grip.

This is intended to be a rough guide and some paddlers prefer longer or shorter paddles. Most Edenwood canoe paddles have a shaft length of between 30″ and 34″.

If you would like assistance in selecting the right paddle size, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Canoe Paddles by Edenwood

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