Canoe Paddles

All Edenwood paddles are made to the highest standards from the finest carefully selected hardwoods. They all have a reinforced tip to protect the blade this also allows the tip of the blade to be carved that bit finer which means it will enter the water silently. They all have an ergonomically shaped grip, fine edges and an oil finish that ensures they feel as good in the water as they do in your hand.

Edenwood Hand Made Canoe Paddles - LutreEdenwood Hand Made Canoe Paddles - MaliseetEdenwood Hand Made Canoe Paddles - OttertailEdenwood Hand Made Canoe Paddles - Voyageur
Edenwood Hand Made Canoe Paddles - NorthwoodsEdenwood Hand Made Canoe Paddles - Little Otter

Edenwood Paddles are made from Cherry or Maple although Walnut is also available from time to time and can be requested. Cherry paddles come out a little lighter, typically around 700 grams and Maple paddles are a little tougher and only slightly heavier at around 750 grams. Walnut will typically weigh around 750 grams.

Edenwood Wooden Canoe Paddles

‘May every dip of your paddle lead you towards a rediscovery of yourself, of your canoeing companions, of the wonders of nature, and of the unmatched physical and spiritual rapture made possible by the humble canoe.’ Pierre Elliott Trudeau